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Mackmyra Bruk, including Park, Golf, Horses and Whisky Distillery

is situated 12 km west of Gävle, close to Valbo Shopping Centre. Mackmyra is an iron mill from the 16th century. The present buildings are from early 19th century  - a complete village with different workshops, workers lodgings, a mansion with an English park open to the public. Today there are a number of activities for visitors.


Parking for mobile homes in beautiful suroundings of Mackmyra Bruk and Golf. Shower and WC.

200 kr including power and 50kr discount on two greenfees. Bookning: Golf reception phone: 026-13 27 28 info@mackmyragolf.se. In case of late arrival, park in an unoccupied spot and pay in the morning. 

Mackmyra Bruk with Park, Golf & Whisky destilleri
situated 12 km west of
Gävle. Mackmyra is an iron work from the 1500 century, with a blacksmith, mansion and park. The bruk has be restored since the seventies and has six state classified kultural monuments. Today there are serveral companies and organisations active at Mackmyra.

The Park
The English landscape park is 12 acres (6 hectares) large, including the lines of 64 horse chestnut trees, which is listed by the government as a National Heritage. It takes you from the mansion down to the Pavilion, built in 1832 like a Greek temple. Click here.

The nine-hole golf course is open to the public. It is a well known golf academy, with the best driving-range in the region. Its tees and greens are made of artificial material, which makes the season long and you are guaranteed good playing conditions. Information about membership and golf lessons is found here.

At the golf corse there is a small café open, 09.00-18.00 during season.


The original distillery of Mackmyra Svensk Whisky AB is at Mackmyra Bruk.  

Information on the whisky destilleriet is found here.


Stable and islandic horses.
In three stables there are big riding horses and Icelandic horses. The Icelandic horses are for rent and for training. For horse back riding clicka here.



For Mackmyra Bruk today forestry is important. In the old days, the amount of charcoal from the forest determined the amount of iron that could be produced at the forge and the hammer. Today, the forest produces saw timber, pulp wood and chips for municipal heating systems.



The former dwellings for blacksmiths and workers are now for rent. Premises built for the previous activities on the estate are now stables, a whisky distillery, engineering workshop, garages and storage.



Email: info@mackmyrabruk.se

Mackmyra bruk 10 km west of Gävle. Exit Mackmyra - at Valbo Köpcentrum. Follow signs towards Mackmyra Bruk Clicka här for detailed map! Observe - parkering is not allowed inside the bruk. Only on   parking lots in the outskirts.  

Good availablility around the bruk and the park. No WC . No trash cans.